The Journey

Raised by a single mother in the Little Village neighborhood of Chicago, Elizabeth Colón’s story resonates with that of many Latinas. The threads of motherhood, marriage and family woven together to create the fabric of her life. This, along with the powerful lessons from her childhood stayed with her and inspired to work hard to achieve her true potential. Elizabeth’s work ethic and commitment as a Director of a non-profit led her to create a solid organization that grew from two employees to eight, and over two million dollars in revenue. Always the visionary thinker, Elizabeth realized after seven years, that the organization needed to create a value proposition that others did not have. Proposing an idea to her boss led to the creation of a new job opening, which Elizabeth believed she was highly qualified for. Eager to take on the new role, she requested to be interviewed for the new position. What happened next was what lead Elizabeth to take one of the biggest risks in her life thus far – she was told that she was unqualified to do the job.
After much contemplation, Elizabeth decided that she had not only reached her potential at her current organization, but also lost her passion and dedication for the same. So, she took the ethical approach and resigned. With only $500 and a vision in her arsenal – Elizabeth would embark on a journey that would be the riskiest of her life – but eventually – the most rewarding. The result of this journey was the birth of Metaphrasis Language & Cultural Solutions – now a multimillion dollar company!
Building a successful language services company did not come without challenges. A lack of support, resources and mentorship made entrepreneurship feel as if it were a lonely journey. However, Elizabeth was accustomed to overcoming difficult challenges. Her forte, you could say. She was definitely not going to allow roadblocks to stop her from creating the business she dreamed of. One thing she did not foresee was the magnitude of lessons she would learn and the profoundness of the journey itself – which would eventually – impact several spheres of her life.
Through her years of entrepreneurship and networking Elizabeth realized that there are a lot of women in business that think alike and desire to collaborate with one another, they just don’t have a context in which to activate it. Elizabeth has made it her goal to pull together and bring forth a new culture to the current state of women entrepreneurship.

“Elizabeth is quietly profound”Michelle Kelly, JJ Marketing

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Elizabeth’s story is one of inspiration; for those who are contemplating starting a business, for startups who have succeeded but are still trying to find a balance between work and life, as well as for those risk takers who just need a mentor/friend for guidance. Elizabeth’s journey has some powerful lessons that are waiting to be shared.
Her goal? To convert fear into fuel, allowing sparking the fire within women entrepreneurs, through collaboration, empowerment and authenticity.